Benefiting Nonprofits

Why do we choose to make contributions to local non-profits?

  1. Make a difference in the region and the larger community that we are a part of
  2. Give back to the community that a lot of us have benefited from in many ways
  3. Invest in the community that our children and grandchildren will be a part of

Think of it as Community Investment that will bear fruit for a long time to come in many ways!

Criteria for Selecting Non Profits to be considered

  1. Registered Non Profits that are focused on the Local Community issues
  2. Small yet effective Non Profits where our contributions can make a difference
  3. Non Profits whose missions we can all easily identify in areas such as Education and Health
  4. All, if not most, of our contributions would be used for specific programs with measurable outcomes

Process for Identifying the Non Profits

  1. Non Profits that met the criteria for selection were identified and reviewed
  2. A short list of Non Profits was created
  3. Visits were made to the short listed organization
  4. The non profits operations and impact on the community were analyzed
  5. Verified that the non-profit would benefit from our investment and would work with us to make sure that the outcomes would be measured and reported

Non Profits selected for 2015

Homeless Children Education Fund (

  • Chosen for the second year
  • 100% of the $15,000 that was donated as the result of the PIC5K event was allocated to after school time educational programs: Enrichment programs, Building Blocks of Success and Parent Engagement (Mom and Me)


Primary Care Health Services (

  • Chosen for the second year
  • 100% of the $13,000 that was raised by the PIC5K event was targeted for scholarships and nutrition programs for economically disadvantaged


Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council (

  • 2015 Selection
  • Provides GED (General Educational Development) preparation for adults who did not have the opportunity to graduate from high school


Western Pennsylvania Police Benevolent Foundation (

  • 2015 Selection
  • Fills a critical need in our region to support policeman that are injured or killed in the line of duty and their deserving families


Beverly’s Birthdays (

  • 2015 Selection
  • Provides a day joy for homeless children who would not otherwise have birthday celebrations and gifts and helps in building emotional confidence. We hope it also impacts their self worth and those of their parents


Carnegie Women’s Committee’s Off-Kilter/Carnegie Legacy Day program

  • 2015 Selection
  • Inaugural program that attempts to expose disadvantage children to the Carnegie Museums and hopes to spark interest in art and culture. Attempts to bridge the gaps.


Homeless Children Education Fund

Why did we choose Homeless Children Education Fund?

  • 100% of what we donate to them will go towards education programs for homeless children
  • HCEF is a state registered charity that has consistently delivered on proven outcomes

The Mission of HCEF is to advance the education of children and youth experiencing homelessness in Allegheny County by:

  • Providing educational programs and services
  • Serving as a trusted advocate
  • Sharing expertise
  • Facilitating collaborative relationships that maximize the collective impact among community partners. [Homeless Education Network (HEN)]

Did you know?

  • More than 1800 Children and Youth have been identified as homeless in Allegheny County
  • Over 60% of the children identified are outside of the City of Pittsburgh in the suburbs
  • All of the suburban school districts including Fox Chapel and Upper St. Clair have homeless children


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.35.14 PM

In Allegheny County,

2013 Outcomes of HCEF

  • 8,744 Hours of service logged by just 38 volunteers
  • $15,500 Field Trip Grants to take 380 homeless children on over 60 Field trips
  • 2,475 backpacks filled with school supplies were delivered
  • 160 Children Grades K-7 attended afterschool programs and summer camps
  • Provided 315 Workshops reaching approximately 400 children and youth at 15 agencies
  • $27,641 in mini grants reaching a predicted 700 Children and 250 parents

 You can make a difference to Homeless Children Education Fund!

Please join us in raising funds so that we can help them make an impact in the lives of homeless children in the area of Education, something we value as a community for our children!

100% of what we give Homeless Children Education Fund will be used for programs

Homeless Children Education Fund has assured us that 100% of what we donate to them will go towards specific education programs that target homeless children


Primary Care Health Services, Inc.

Why did we choose Primary Care Health Services, Inc?

  • 100% of the donations we provide will be targeted to two main initiatives at a specific clinic of our choosing
  • PCHS is a state registered charity that will work with us to run two main initiatives with specific measures

o   Internship program from the underserved or homeless students

o   Nutrition program targeted at the underserved or homeless population

  • Allow us to test out these programs, measure them and serve as a platform for future targeted funding

The mission of Primary Care Health Services, Inc. is to provide primary and preventative health care services to medically underserved and indigent populations in Allegheny County regardless of ability to pay.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.36.04 PM

PCHS is committed to:

  • developing healthcare centers in medically underserved areas
  • ensuring that services are accessible, relevant, and satisfying
  • rendering continuing care to patients by the same clinician
  • educating patients to share responsibility for prevention and care

The Program

Two pilot programs will be started that will be in a Clinic that will be overseen by physicians and the administrators of Primary Care Health Services

  1. A selective internship program that will allow one or two students from underserved or homeless community to get exposed to health care
  2. Nutritional Program that will benefit the population that attend this specific clinic


You can make a difference to the Primary Care Health Services, Inc!

Primary Care Health Services, Inc. has agreed to have 100% of the funds we give to go to the two pilot programs at a clinic of our choosing