Benefiting Nonprofits

Why do we choose to make contributions to local non-profits?

  1. Make a difference in the region and the larger community that we are a part of
  2. Give back to the community that a lot of us have benefited from in many ways
  3. Invest in the community that our children and grandchildren will be a part of

Think of it as Community Investment that will bear fruit for a long time to come in many ways!

Criteria for Selecting Non Profits to be considered

  1. Registered Non Profits that are focused on the Local Community issues
  2. Small yet effective Non Profits where our contributions can make a difference
  3. Non Profits whose missions we can all easily identify in areas such as Education and Health
  4. All, if not most, of our contributions would be used for specific programs with measurable outcomes

Process for Identifying the Non Profits

  1. Non Profits that met the criteria for selection were identified and reviewed
  2. A short list of Non Profits was created
  3. Visits were made to the short listed organization
  4. The non profits operations and impact on the community were analyzed
  5. Verified that the non-profit would benefit from our investment and would work with us to make sure that the outcomes would be measured and reported

Non-Profits selected for 2022

STEM Coding Lab (

  • Chosen for three years
  • 100% of the $55,000 that was donated as the result of the PIC5K events in 2019, 2021 and 2022 were allocated to provide computer programming education to children in underserved communities to better prepare them for a changing world.


Ruth’s Way (

  • Chosen for three years
  • 100% of the $15,000 that was raised by the PIC5K event in 2022 was awarded to provide resources for money management, tutoring, test prep and other methods to empower young women in the community.


Boys & Girls Club of Western PA (

  • 2022 Selection
  • Provides before and after school programs for youth, including STEM learning, academic literacy, sports, recreational activities and scholarships.


Neighborhood School, Bible Center Church

  • Chosen for three years                                                                                                                                                  
  • Provides after school STEAM programs for young students, along with summer programs and remote tutoring.



STEM Coding Lab

Why did we choose STEM Coding Lab?

  • 100% of what we donate to them have gone towards resources for STEM learning for under-served children
  • STEM Coding Lab is a state registered charity that has consistently delivered on proven outcomes

The Mission of STEM Coding Lab is to provide under-resourced children with computer skills to succeed in the digital world by:

  • Partnering with schools and nonprofits to provide in-school, after school and summer programs
  • Serving as a trusted advocate
  • Sharing expertise

Did you know?

  • The future in computer science is here – there are 14,000 open CS jobs in Pennsylvania and almost a million computer science jobs available nationwide!
  • 83% middle-income jobs in the US require digital literacy
  • Less than 10% of K-8 youth have access to a foundational computer science course (source: STEM Coding Lab)

You can make a difference to STEM Coding Lab!

Please join us in raising funds so that we can help them make an impact in the lives of under-resourced children in the area of Education, something we value as a community for our children!

100% of what we give STEM Coding Lab will be used for programs